Royal Columbian Hospital Parking


designated patient pickup/drop off areas

designated patient pickup/drop off areas


P1 P/V Only 6am - 2pm M-F
Lot 1500

P1 P/V Only 6am - 2pm M-F
Lot 69

Reserved Parking - Authorized Staff Only Lot 1501

Limited Stalls
Lot 70

Parking Rates

Click for directions:

New Westminster, B.C. V3L 3W7

RCH Parkade

$4.25 – First hour

$3.50 – Each additional hour

$5.25 Evenings               

$16.50 – Each 24 Hours

MHSU Parkade

$4.25 – First hour

$3.50 – Each additional hour

$5.25 Evenings               

$16.50 – Each 24 Hours

EV Stall Locations

Meter locations

2 meters per level (1 credit card only and 1 credit card + coin) at: HCC P1/P2, MHSU P1/P2/P3

Programs offered

Parking Exempt program for hardship based on BC Ministry of Health guideline

Staff shuttle between Lot 2237 and Lot 1501, schedule: (

Parkers can provide feedback via (

How to use meters

Payment methods: Cash, Credit Cards, and Validations 

You can pay with coin, credit card, a combination of coin and credit card, and tap (based on meter configuration).

Watch the short video for how to use the meter

Did you know that you can extend your parking via the meter by entering your cell phone number?

Are you a frequent visitor? Sign up for a hangTag account for quick and convenient parking. Extend your parking as needed.

Validation for complimentary parking provided by hospital administration to qualified persons. Inquire with hospital administration. The health authority has a program in place using coupon codes for those who are qualified to receive free parking. Please contact hospital administration for details.

Scan to Pay: (coming soon)
Park occasionally? Don’t have coins or a credit card? Try Park&Pay! It supports credit and debit payment through Apple Pay and Google Pay. No need to sign up for an account. Receipt with link to extend your parking sent to your email address.

Have a question?

Parking Support Line (604.305.0355) available 24/7 and advertised on signs beside pay stations.

Meter Out Of Order(778.370.5050) available 24/7 and advertised on pay stations.

Violation Notice (1.800.315.7275 or or QR code [to be implemented in 2024]) available M-F 8:30am-5pm and advertised on parking violations.

On-site Lot Manager (M-F 6am-2pm) and Ambassadors (M-F 6am-2pm, M-F 12pm-8pm).

Parking location updates

Due to major redevelopment in Q4 2020, Lot 70 stall count decreased from 40 to 39 and Sherbrooke West Reserved parking Lot 1501 stall count decreased from 294 to 45.

The new Jim Pattison Acute Care Tower (JPACT) is scheduled to open in Dec 2025 with a 115-stall surface lot and 355-stall parkade (172-stall on P1 and 183-stall on P2).

Take a customer experience parking survey

Click Here or scan the QR
The survey should take less than 3 minutes to complete. You are welcome to provide contact information if you should wish a staff member to call you directly.

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