Parking Management for Retail

A common challenge facing landlords of commercial and retail properties is ensuring the parking spaces are being used by legitimate customers of the retail tenants.  Impark offers a parking management solution that ensures prime parking spaces turn over frequently with valuable customers; while staff occupy less desirable spaces and unwanted commuter and other parkers are prevented from repeatedly using the parking facilities.  In addition, Impark can take the customer experience to the next level with ‘white glove’ valet parking complementing the most exclusive retail establishments.

While many retail parking management systems include an element of pay parking, Impark offers a robust system based on enforcement of time controlled parking where no fees for parking are charged, and the focus is on control of the space available. 

Retail parking systems often feature: 

  • Appropriate ‘maximum stay’ time controlled zones.
  • Signage that clearly illustrates customer parking areas, time controls, and the presence of a parking enforcement system.
  • Pay parking for ‘Prime’ parking areas.
  • Valet parking for specific high-end stores or for retail centers with limited parking.
  • Permit parking ensuring staff park in designated spaces.
  • Validated parking for tenants customers.

Impark’s operations team can design a parking management system that enhances the customer experience, and alleviates retail tenant’s concerns.

Your Retail Property Manager

Serving retail facilities in major developments, strip malls, shopping malls and luxury retail environments, Impark offers a parking management solution that enhances the customer and tenant experience.

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