Hotel Parking Management

Customer Service That Stays With You

Impark has been providing parking management and valet services to hotels for over 60+ years. We know guest service is critical to the success of hotel properties, and this drives our unique and systematic approach to managing hotel parking operations. Because the garage and parking services bookend the guest experience, they are crucial elements in solidifying guests’ first and last impressions of your hotel. As such, it is essential that hotel parking facilities meet the service and presentation standards of their guests.

This is why Impark ensures that each of our hotel parking facilities reflect the service standards of the hotel operation itself. Consistent, high quality customer service delivered by well-trained, well dressed staff is the surest way to deliver a seamless and positive experience for guests that encourages brand loyalty and keeps them returning for years to come.

Your Parking Accommodations Expert

Impark understands the particular demands of busy hotel operations, the requirements to maintain space available for guests, and the opportunity to optimize revenue by selling additional space to short-term and monthly parkers. While guest service is always paramount, Impark’s expertise in managing parking inventory ensures optimum space allocation and improves financial results for hotel owners and managers.

Five-Star Parking Services

Impark’s approach to hotel parking management is tailored to each client’s needs and service objectives. We work hard to ensure that our team members are true representatives of your brand, continually aspiring to fulfill your vision for your hotel and its parking facilities.


Providing exceptional service is an art form requiring time and commitment in order to deploy successfully. Impark’s investment in our service-delivery program is unprecedented and starts with our vetting and onboarding process. Our multi-layered hiring process ensures that only candidates who share our passion for service are advanced to the next step; our robust training platform. This e-learning platform is infused with key elements of the Disney Institute. It’s one thing to talk about exceptional service, it’s another to rewrite your DNA around it!


Fluid demand and inconsistent volume is one of the few consistencies found within the hospitality world. As your strategic partner, Impark will align our resources with your room and catering projections at all times. Leveraging our vast experience within the hospitality industry, our team is well-versed at procuring off-site parking options for your guests and staff alike. Allow Impark to right-size your operation while delivering exceptional service at all times!


It seems as though every aspect of life is connected to some form of technology. Impark’s hotel system fully integrates with your folio-management system ensuring proper billing and ease in vehicle retrieval for your customers. The perfect balance of maximized revenue and enhanced customer experience results in Impark’s technology receiving a “five-star” review!

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