Impark Brings E-Commerce to the Parking Industry


Corporate Press Release 10/09/2009

Impe­rial Parking Corporation (Impark), one of North Amer­ica’s leading parking operators, announced today it has completed the full implementation of a new monthly parking management system. A ‘first’ for national parking companies in North America, Impark’s new system allows its contract parking customers to manage all aspects of their monthly parking online. Not only can a customer sign up for parking from the convenience of their home or office computer, they can also view and pay invoices, select lots based on maps and satellite imagery, change their personal information, and manage multiple spaces within a single contract.

Impark has earned a reputation for being ‘first to market’ with technology solutions to parking management issues; Impark was the first to offer widespread payment by cell phone, offer an automated hotel guest validation system, and at one time even held a patent on credit card acceptance at a parking meter. The new monthly parking system provides Impark an innovative and robust customer relationship and business management tool, handling its 190,000 monthly contract customers, at almost 2,000 locations throughout North America.

To ensure the seamless transition to the new system, the implementation was conducted in phases, with only a few of Impark’s 30 regional offices converting at any one time. The final completion of the implementation coincides with Impark’s release of a new website that provides parking customers a more interactive interface, and presents filtered content specific to their geographic location; another ‘first’ for a national parking management firm.

Further development of the system is already in progress, and includes enhancements to the process of tracking tenants’ lease entitlements to parking, historically a persistent challenge for both property managers and parking operators.

Impark views the development of such initiatives to be critical to achieving their objectives for growth; “Although customer service was a key driver in our decision to invest in the new monthly parking system, we recognize this is a vital component of winning the confidence of potential new clients” describes Herb Anderson, Impark’s CEO, “Knowing their tenants are going to be seamlessly transitioned to a new operator, and be presented with tangible new service benefits, allows property managers to easily make the decision to move to Impark ”.

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