About Impark Health


Impark Health provides parking, valet and shuttle services to healthcare providers across the USA and Canada. Our team is committed to providing a pleasant, easy-to-use, safe and stress-free experience to everyone using our services.

We support more than 35 healthcare clients operating more than 100 locations.

We are a division of Impark, a company that has provided innovative parking solutions for more than 60 years and now manages over 4,500 locations in the USA and Canada.

Why Choose Impark Health?

We deliver fully-integrated parking solutions that fulfill the needs of each healthcare provider by:

  • Drawing on our extensive experience in the parking industry
  • Maximizing client revenue while meeting service goals
  • Managing projects with an experienced account services team
  • Operating to the highest standards with in-house audit processes
  • Healthcare Parking Services Experience
  • For 15 years, we have provided outstanding service to 18 hospitals in USA and 17 in Canada.

In the USA, we began building capabilities in 2000 by acquiring Philadelphia-based DLC Parking & Transportation, a superb operator specializing in parking, valet and shuttle services for hospital campuses. Today, this Impark Health location serves 44 facilities for the University of PA Health, Children’s Hospital and Crozier Health Systems. We also operate significant hospital campuses in cities such as Chicago and Minneapolis.

In Canada, we began building capabilities when the Lower Mainland BC Health Authority awarded us the contract to manage parking services for 49 facilities. We are proud to continue to serve and expand our business with BC Health Authorities. We also have a significant and growing business with healthcare providers in Ontario and Alberta.

Meeting Client Revenue and Service Goals

We support our healthcare clients by delivering great service to their patients, visitors and employees while also meeting their specific revenue goals.

Our account services team works with each client to understand their needs, customize a plan, and pro-actively adapt as needs evolve.

Our local leaders partner with their clients and professionally manage their parking services.

Operating to High Standards

Our experienced team creates operating standards that address the specific requirements of healthcare facilities such as customer service, patient assistance, health and safety, security, privacy, and revenue control.

We consistently operate to high standards because we:

  • Hire top notch site managers
  • Hire the right team members to serve your patients, visitors, and employees
  • Tailor training to your operation
  • Have transparent accounting and billing policies
  • Have disciplined revenue control systems
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