Have You Read AAA’s “Parking Lot Survival Guide”?

  2 min. read In preparation for a certain shopping-frenzied Friday and beyond, the American Automobile Association (AAA) shared their trove of tips for navigating parking...
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7 Tips for Sourcing Hospital Shuttle Buses

By Mark Williams   |   3.5 min. read Why Introduce a Shuttle Service To Your Hospital? Well-developed shuttle services can address a number of...
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How Google Maps’ New Feature Impacts Property Managers

By Michael Giles and Jeff Powell   |   2 min. read Google Maps announced a groundbreaking in-app feature last month, triggering a surge of...
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Impark’s Ty Stafford Joins National Parking Association’s Board of Directors

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (November 5, 2018) — Impark is pleased to announce President and CEO Ty Stafford’s ascension to the National Parking Association’s board of directors....
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Impark Subsidiary to Propel Parking Excellence at Paine Field Airport

EVERETT, Wash. (October 29, 2018) — Propeller Airports today announced it has contracted with Republic Parking System, an Impark subsidiary and leading provider of airport...
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4 Ways to Use Mobile LPR Technology

By Jeff Van Allen     |         3 min read What is Mobile LPR Technology? Mobile license plate recognition (LPR) is one of...
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4 Robots That Could Lead a Healthcare Parking Revolution

By Mark Williams     |         4 min read The market for artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare is set to exceed $6.6 billion...
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Will the Parking Facilities of the Future Double as Farms?

As the industry bids to future-proof parking facilities, perhaps it’s time we took blue-sky thinking a little more literally. By Ian Hodgins     |    ...
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