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140 Wall Street
140 Wall Street (Lot #73)
Random Parking (24/7)

This convenient surface lot is located on the west side of Pacific Avenue between 22nd Street East and 23rd Street East; behind the Wall Street Medical Building and a short walk away from Midtown Plaza.

MNP Parkade
119 - 4th Avenue South (Lot #43)
RSVD 24/7 Prem. Levels 1A - 4A

This clean and brightly lit parking facility is located next to MNP Place on the west side of 4th Avenue South between 21st Street East and 22nd Street East.

120 Idylwyld Drive South
120 and 126 Idylwyld Drive S (Lot #241)
Random Parking (24/7)

This convenient surface lot is located on the southeast corner of Idylwyld Drive South and 22nd Street East; next to the YMCA and close to Midtown Plaza.

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TCU Place

Kiwanis Memorial Park

Market Square

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