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1960 Rose Street
1960 Rose Street (Lot #74)
Random Parking (24/7)

This large surface lot is just north of Victoria Ave, between Rose and Hamilton Streets – perfect for anyone visiting Victoria Park, or taking advantage of the wide variety of restaurants and hospitality services in the area.

Alvin Hamilton Parkade
1730 Rose Street (Lot #131)
Random Parking (24/7)

This attended three story parkade provides competitively priced daily and monthly parking. Easy access to the Cornwall Center and a wide variety of restaurants, hotels, professional services, and shopping destinations.

1911 to 1975 Broad Street (Lot #102)
Parkade Random Parking

This covered parkade is attached to Hilton Double Tree Hotel with entrance between Osler Street and 12th Avenue. There are a wide variety of restaurants, hotels, professional services nearby.

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Victoria Park


Mosaic Stadium

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