Sustainability Accomplishments

Impark’s commitment to sustainability is not a recent, reactive measure but dates back to 2004 when we began using resource consumption, emissions, and recyclability as criteria to guide our business practices. To date, the following key initiatives have been implemented:

2004 — Embarked on a Fuel Efficient Fleet Renewal Project

Despite a higher cost, we intentionally chose Smart cars as our primary service vehicle based on the manufacturer’s sustainability efforts, and its significantly reduced consumption of non-renewable resources. Since then, we have always ensured our service vehicles meet the highest environmental standards.

2007 — Founded the Green Parking Council

Impark was a founding member of the Green Parking Council (GPC), a non-profit organization that provided leadership and oversight of the green conversion of parking facilities to sustainable, environmentally responsible assets.

2011–2016 — Gold-Level Partner of the Green Parking Council

Impark remained a gold-level partner of GPC until 2016, when the organization was absorbed by the U.S. Green Building Council. Our sponsorship during this time helped to advance the development of the Green Garage Certification program, now known as Parksmart.

2017 — Leading Participant in Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Incentive Programs

In one municipality, Impark outperformed other program participants by an average of 26 percent by expediting the activation of the majority of our charging stations by October 2017.

2018 — Eliminated Paper Invoices for Monthly Parkers

In May 2018, we began phasing out paper invoicing processes in favor of an ecofriendly alternative: e-billing.

2006 — Initiated Go-Green Program

Impark’s Go-Green Program included the development of 21 internal and external measures designed to reduce our consumption of non-renewable resources and promote awareness of consumption reduction and environmental impacts among our clients and consumers.

2007 — Certified as North America’s First Carbon Neutral Parking Company

Impark’s carbon neutral certification included our sponsorship of an afforestation program. The program used over 2,500 trees to convert a brownfield site into an urban greenspace.

2016 — Joined the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)

When the Green Parking Council was absorbed by USGBC, we transferred our membership to USGBC in order to continue building a more sustainable future.

2017 — Introduced hangTag, a Mobile Payment App, to Parking Facilities Across Canada

The hangTag mobile parking app enables consumers to pay for parking digitally, greatly improving and simplifying the parker experience in an environmentally responsible manner.

2018 — Global Leader in Parksmart Projects

As of May 2018, Impark has the largest number of Parksmart projects of any parking operator in the world!

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