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London City Hall
300 Dufferin St. (Lot #32)
Random Basement Parking (M-F, 6am to 6pm)
This underground garage is conveniently located on Dufferin Street, between Wellington Street and Waterloo Street; within 10 minutes walking distance of Budweiser Gardens and Covent Garden Market. Gated Parking Security Patrolled Brightly Lit/Clean Elevator ‘Call for Help’ button – Nearby Starbucks Symposium Joe Kools Garlics Crabby Joes Jack Astors City Hall Victoria Park Centennial Hall
Station Park
660 Richmond St (Lot #68)
Random Parking (24/7)

Station Park, Parking Lot is located on the east side of Richmond Street, and north side of Pall Mall Street, south of Oxford St. One entrance is next to Lone Star Texas Grill and 2 other entrances off of Pall Mall St. next to the Station Park Hotel and east of Wellington St. Garage entrance and exits are located off of Pall Mall St. The “West Garage” is nearest Station Park and the “East Garage” is nearest Waterloo St. 

Covent Garden Market
130 King Street (Lot #31)
Random Parking (Mon-Fri 6am-6pm)

This clean and brightly lit parking facility is located in the heart of Downtown London on the north side of King Street between Richmond Street and Talbot Street; next to Covent Garden Market and just steps away from Budweiser Gardens

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Budweiser Gardens

London Convention Centre

Grant Theatre

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