Impark’s commitment to reduced environmental impact is not a recent, reactive measure but dates back to 2004 when we began to make choices about our business practices. Our goals were based on proactive measures that would positively influence overall resource consumption, environmental emissions and recycling. To date, the following key initiatives have been implemented:

  • Certification as North America’s first Carbon Neutral Parking Company (Q3 of 2007)
    • Reduce internal consumption of non-renewable resources and source green supply alternatives
    • Promote awareness of consumption-reduction and environmental impacts amongst our customer and client groups
  • Re-engineering of parking garages / lots to support energy efficiency and environmental soundness
    • Deployment of Impark Wireless pay-by-phone and E-pass systems which eliminate the need for meters, paper or plastic passes, and the energy and resources to support
    • Configuration of parking facilities to eliminate vehicle idling, especially where vehicles queue at an exit / entrance to pay or take a ticket
    • The use of solar-powered meters to eliminate lead acid batteries and reduce consumption of standard grid electricity
  • Participation in BOMA’s office recycling program across the company, recycling all paper waste
  • Use of low lead, non-volatile organic compound paints in our Sign Shops
    • Implementation of WHMIS compliance procedures for safe handling and disposal of materials
  • Ongoing supporter of wildlife habitat revitalization – in part through a $100,000 donation to Pacific Parklands Foundation

In 2009, one of our strategic plan initiatives was to develop the next phase of our GoGreen program.  The initiative reached across company employees, clients and customers, exploring and implementing further options and programs on which to maximize our efforts to be proactive and sound stewards of the environment under our influence. 

Green Parking Council

Green Parking Council
Impark plays an integral role in the development of the Green Parking Council (GPC) programs. GPC is a nonprofit organization providing leadership and oversight for the green conversion of parking facilities to sustainable, environmentally responsible assets.  GPC is dedicated to expanding green parking practices through developing certification and credentialing programs, open-sourced standards, professional leadership and educational development and training for organizations and individuals in the parking industry.

GPC works at the intersection of parking, green building, clean technology, renewable energy, smart grid infrastructure, urban planning and sustainable mobility.

For more information, please visit the official GPC website.